Sunday, October 26, 2008

Filthy but Fun!

So what did you do on your last day off? I can't even believe I am putting these pictures on, but Jay's sisters wanted to see them on my blog because they laughed at how dirty I was! Cutting firewood is a dirty job when we cut

down the already burned cedar trees. It takes Jay and I about three hours, he cuts and I load it in the truck (unless they are really big!). We have a wood stove in our home and completely heat our house with it. I love being so warm all winter! It's alot of work, but it feels good to get really dirty and tired once in a while! Since we are usually getting wood
when the kids are in school, they are the ones who get to unload the truck and fill the wood box. Kambren took almost two hours just unloading this one!! How cute is his dirty face?:) Our wood pile is only two trips worth... gotta go get a couple more!
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Annette said...

Hey, brings back memories from our high school days, doesn't it? Or did you not have to do that with dad???