Sunday, October 26, 2008

Filthy but Fun!

So what did you do on your last day off? I can't even believe I am putting these pictures on, but Jay's sisters wanted to see them on my blog because they laughed at how dirty I was! Cutting firewood is a dirty job when we cut

down the already burned cedar trees. It takes Jay and I about three hours, he cuts and I load it in the truck (unless they are really big!). We have a wood stove in our home and completely heat our house with it. I love being so warm all winter! It's alot of work, but it feels good to get really dirty and tired once in a while! Since we are usually getting wood
when the kids are in school, they are the ones who get to unload the truck and fill the wood box. Kambren took almost two hours just unloading this one!! How cute is his dirty face?:) Our wood pile is only two trips worth... gotta go get a couple more!
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2nd at State!

This weekend was State Soccer and the weather was perfect and the girls played great!! Their first game was really tuff, they played the team that beat them last year in sudden death, so beating them 1-0 felt like sweet redemption!!!! The crowd went wild and the team was just a celebrating!! It was so fun watching them play, they are a great team. The next day they played long and hard but just couldn't beat the 1st ranked team. Yes that is a picture of my daughter playing in a state game as a freshman!! She was put in the game twice and she was just so excited!! After loosing 13 seniors last year, this team had a remarkable year, pulling off an undefeated season! We are so Proud of the team!!! Just think, in two weeks basketball starts...................
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Finally some pictures!!

Sorella Kayla has finally sent pictures home!
I knew everyone would love to see them! :)
These T-shirts are for gym day, and ya gotta love her pose.
She has grown to love all the sisters and they are so sad to say
good-by to the ones who go,
but when the new ones come in it doesn't take long
to love them too. I can't believe her time is almost over
in the MTC, she is looking forward to getting to
work in Milan and sharing the gospel, but isn't
sure if she will ever really be ready! You know
how that is. Her letters are so fun and
sometimes they make me cry, but only if I have
to read them out loud to her dad. He often
says, where's the Kayla we know? with a smile.
I loved the picture of her on the bench.
The one with the three
sisters (sorellas) is a moment of
relaxing. She says these moments are
few and far between because they are
always working so hard! But she doesn't
complain about the work,
she's just too excited. The sorella with the glasses
is her companion. The other one
is a sorella that she is close to.
Doesn't she just glow? Her flight to Italy
will be planned soon, and then she gets to
call home!! I can't wait to talk to her. Nov. 4th is
the day, and now we can say something really fun
is happening on that day since the election voting
is far from exciting this time.... just an opinion!:)
Maybe our next pictures for the blog will be of

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Region Champs!

The Soccer Team picture! This great team ended their season UNDEFEATED!! They have worked so hard and even loosing 12 seniors last year didn't slow them down! The girls really work well together and are alot of fun to watch. Jaisha has just stopped the ball with her chest! I tell ya she is an animal on the field and we love it.... They are playing on their home field this Saturday for quarter-finals. We all think they will definitely make it to state play-offs and are pretty excited about it!
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Homecoming this year was alot of fun. Jarom's date was a candidate so he escorted her during the assembly, doing the dance and and all of the fun stuff that goes along with it. Of course Mom was so happy! It was good for Jarom to get out of his comfort zone and have some fun.
I had a hard time with the lighting in the auditorium and just couldn't get the lighting right. Oh well, the girls were beautiful and and the assembly was fun. They didn't make it to the dance because Jarom and his young men had planned to go to the General Priesthood Session in Salt Lake City, so they made other plans. It's pretty tuff when things fall on the same night, but Jarom really wanted to go with his young men, and it turned out to be such a good choice. The ym who had graduated last year met them in Salt Lake and they went to lunch and were able to watch the second session in the Tabernacle. They were in the stand-by line for the priesthood meeting but ended up sitting 15 rows back from the pulpit! Elder D. Todd Christofferson came and shook hands with them and visited for a second. Jarom was pretty excited and sent pictures to my phone. I am still so happy that he chose this trip over the dance, and to see how the Lord blessed him with a trip he will always remember. The spirit was so strong when the men were singing, he loved it. When he came in that night after the all day trip the first thing he said was 'my fun meter is expired'! meaning they had so much fun and laughed so much that there just wasn't anything left!!! He has the most awesome YM Pres. and the love he feels for him is only matched by my appreciation for such a great leader!
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