Monday, February 23, 2009

The emails coming from Kayla are getting more missionary like all of the time! She is really settling into the work, culture, and everything that goes along with being a missionary. How crazy is it she had to go all the way to Italy to visit an IKEA?! Enjoy her stories. The last one about Barbara, she has been involved with Kayla since the very beginning so she is kind of an ongoing story. She is still in Torino and appreciates the mail some of you are sending!! She says to tell everyone hi and if your single, get your self on a mission!!!:)

I had a really good week this week too! Its been such an amazing experience so far! The days go by so fast! Oh, we are going to Ikea today! Woo hoo! Im excited. Oh yes,they have a lot of those here. S. Moreno is dying because Im 21 and havent gone yet. Apparently its some sort of sin I wasnt aware of! jk.
Last night the Pinto Family and the Narduzzi family (other Narduzzis) came to our apartment at 9:40 to inspect things that need fixing and other things. The Pintos take such good care of us! I just love them! When they brought us their oven they just beamed! Sorella Narduzzi is the relief society president and we were talking and she confessed to be a huge fan of rock music, especially Metallica! I of course loved Metallica at one point and used it to my advantage and we did even more bonding! We are really becoming close to this ward, which hasnt been easy becuase of the bad examples of sister missionaries in the past. But now they love us and Im so happy!
Remember CJ? She is a lady in the ward who speaks perfect english and is one of my good friends. We bonded over Metallica too! Its seems that is the bonding factor! Rock music! Who knew? I have to say Im pretty ok with that! I knew listening to all that would come in handy someday! ok, I didnt know, but it did anyway. Scoff if you will!

First off, let us remember that here in Italy I am some kind of strange blonde giant who little old people look at in open mouted awe. Taking this into consideration, here is the first story:
We were teaching a less active Carla and her two sons, Danile 9 and Alessio 15. We were done and walking out of the door and Daniele starts laughing says this " your shoes are ENORMOUS!" He continues to point, laugh andfinally falls to the ground unable to stand anymore. Oh yes, my feet are unheard of huge here! His mom was way embarrased, but I said not to worry about it, if you could only see my brother! Ha!

Second story of my hugeness:
We teaching our two african investigators Rachel and Victoria. They had a friend there named Bobby, also african. He listened to our lesson, wanted to learn more and gave us his information. Yay for the Anziani! We left and he was going our same way and decided to come with us. While we were standing on the tram, he looked at me for a while and said, "you are very tall, why arent you in the army?" I said, a missionary. He said, oh, ok. Yep, too big for civilian life!

1. We are working with a woman named Carla Clavario. She is a less active (around 15 years inactive) with two sons, Daniele and Alessio. Daniele is the one who makes fun of my feet. Dont worry, I take solace in the fact that Jarom is WAY bigger than me! I tell people how tall he is and they dont believe me. Anyway, so we taught a little about prayer a week or so ago with them and then we went back ready to answer more questions. We were teaching prayer and Carla asked, yeah, but sometimes what you pray for isnt always what you get. (pretty much the same think Daniele asked about the last time) He, Daniele, looks at his mom and says, werent you listening last time? and teaches his mom about prayer! It was absolutely amazing! He is 9 years old and he is so bright and with it! I just love him. Carla told me this last time that she thinks that I am pure and that I am moves easily by the spirit and that I have a big heart. I nearly cried when she told me that.

2. We teach an english class and this last week we got a new member. Her name is Donatella and she said she is from Italy, she likes movies (Pride and Predjudice..sp?) and that she is lonely and just lost her job. She is learning English to help her get a job. She also said she remembers me and S. Moreno from midnight mass! We are going to try and teach her tomorrow. She stayed behind and listened to the lessonthat we gave after English class We teach a lesson after every other class for those who want to learn more about our church. We do shine as members as the church, not just missionaries, but members and others do see it. Especially when we are in a dark cathedral.

3. We are trying to teach a Muslim family. There names are Abrahamo, Siham and they just had a baby boy named Yazid. They are adorable and would be amazing members of the church, but traditions run strong. But, with Heavenly Father everything is possible. Everyone said yes once to this plan!

4. We are giving a punch-in-the-face-with-love message to Barbara tonight. She is blaming everyong and trying to find fault with the church and refusing to take responsibility for her actions. This is why the law of chastity is so important. She is living with her boyfriend and because of it, she is loosing her testimony. We love her so much and it hurts to see her this way, especially when we know what she is capable of if only she repents and makes the gospel priority. I will let you know how it goes.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jaden's Baptism Day

Jarom was asked by his cousin Jaden to baptize him this Saturday. What a neat day! Of course as a Mom I could not have been more proud of my son. I am so blessed to have a son like Jarom, he holds his priesthood with such high respect.
Denise wanted a picture with her little brother, so I jumped in and gave the camera to Jarom! It was a fun day and I ate way too much! Denise and Sara know how to throw a party! This is definitely a day to remember for Jaden and Jarom.