Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another White Envelope Day!

                                 The time came for Jarom to send in his mission papers so out to the backyard we went to get an official looking mission picture because his Senior picture didn't have the right tie. Jarom really doesn't like getting his picture taken, so this was a last minute thing. Strange how he can live with me his whole life and yet not be used to getting his picture taken don't you think? He sent his papers in just after General Conference and we started guessing where he would be going. We didn't even get close!

The postmaster called me at work and asked if I wanted her to put "The White Envelope" in my home mailbox or deliver to me at work...Hello!!! So I waited for her out by my work mailbox for her and yes, when I read Elder Jarom Jay Wilcox I cried...just a little! I took a picture of my excitement and sent the text to Jarom and Jay  and said "Hurry home"!  The rest of the day that envelope sat on my desk tempting me.....

Jarom came home from Snow and we waited for Dad to get home from work.......
Finally!!! Everyone is home and the camera's are ready.......Jarom moved  so very slowly just to tease us!

Very slowly and carefully he starts to read his letter trying not to just skip it and read the where....then he reads  Toulouse, France Mission!!!!
 Seriously??? There was much screaming, laughter and Wow!!!! Nobody even came close to France.....Jarom was so surprised! He enters the MTC July 28th.

Just a little background, the standing joke between Dad and Jarom is the standard throwing up the arms and saying "I Surrender"!!!! Ya, Jarom really use to tease Kayla about her obsession and love of Paris and anything French, which now of course is completely replaced with Italian! He just made fun of anything French!! Hahahaha!! He looked at me and said, "Well, someone has a sense of humor!" We just cracked up!!!
Needless to say we are so Very excited for Jarom. His mission borders Italy on one side just next to Kayla's first area of Torino. His mission is the South part of France. Can you just picture Jarom speaking French?! Jarom took his mission papers back to school with him so I don't have the official map but his mission includes Monaco and I think cuts over to the other side just above Bordeaux. I'm thinking he is going to have some humidity! He struggles with heat/humidity, but all I wanted was for him to be able to drink the water and not to have any fighting going on! I find it amazing how all day with the envelope staring at me and my stomach had little nerves of anticipation and worry about where my Son will go for two years, and when the words were read, Toulouse, France my insides calmed down and I felt peace with his destination. The Lord really helps me, how else could I let my children go so far away?! Of course I would be so sad if they didn't take this opportunity to serve and grow.

Friday, April 9, 2010


After a couple of nights of basically no sleep the morning of Kayla's homecoming dawned sunny and early! Church at 9:00 am seems so early to me, so we were really touched by those family and friends that traveled to share this day with Kayla. You are all Awesome!! As promised, Kayla spoke of missionary experiences and bore her testimony in Italian! So amazing how she can talk even faster in this language than English... After the meeting we had a lunch at the Legion Hall. Thanks to all who brought food and helped. My friend Lorna always has my back. I even called her that morning in hopes she had more noodles for my pasta salad and of course she did, cooked them and added to my salad. Thanks Lorna, luv ya♥ I have found I don't really know how to judge how much drink is needed at a gathering...I always run short. Brandon and Melody came through for me and ran to the store for more sprite and kept the drink filled. I am blessed with great friends♥ Of course my family on both sides are so amazing too. The pictures I've posted were taken by Carrie Morris, I appreciate her for taking them, I was too busy mingling to take pics. Can I say that the chocolate cake made by Sara tasted just as good as it looked!  It was an enjoyable day, family, friends, good food and alot of laughter :)  Beginning the day listening to Kayla and feeling the special Spirit still lingering with her that only a Missionary has and I say it's a little bit of Heaven on Earth!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

She's Home!!!!!

March 26th was a very long day! I took the day off from work so I could help with all the last minute stuff and obviously I wouldn't be able to concentrate at work...We left home a little early, did some shopping and arrived almost two hours early. Her flight from Chicago is number 1815. I didn't realize there would be alot of missionaries on the plane with Kayla until I started meeting Mom's waiting around us. How fun is that? We kept ourselves busy by making signs for Kayla... We seemed to wait for a long time and then we saw her coming down the escalator! Holding up our signs mad it pretty easy for her to see us so when she hit the walkway behind the glass she started to run!!! It was so cute♥  Instantly
the tears started to flow ;) She looked so good and as her Mom, I must say it felt so good to have her in my arms again. We were all talking before she arrived about who was going to hug her first...ha! I'm like "Hello".... Thanks to James for taking this picture, I think it captured the moment perfectly. Good thing he was flying in that night so he could take our pictures!
Nothing says welcome home like a dozen red roses from your Dad! They are Kayla's favorite flower♥  The ride home from the airport went kinda fast with the exception for the usual stop at Walmart.... We kept Kayla talking the whole way almost, then jet-lag took over and she fell asleep like the rest of the kids. She did talk some in Italian though while sleeping! We had a blast having her talk to us in her language, she can really speak it well and so very fast!! When we got home at almost 3 a.m. we opened her gifts she brought home to, ties, purses, cookbooks, journals and chocolate! What a fun and special day.