Friday, April 24, 2009

It's Great to be a Senior!

So I just have to share a couple of pictures with you!! Jarom is just too handsome to keep his pictures to myself! He let me take some pictures for his graduation announcement, it was hard for him because he really hates taking pictures! These are just a couple of good ones!

The Senior Ball was last week too, so here a some pictures of Jarom and a couple of his friends. They came over after their dates dropped them off just to take pictures with him! They have pictures with Jarom of all the major events since 8th grade. I just love these girls!! Of course I couldn't talk him into bringing his date back to our house for pictures so I will just have to wait for him to bring home the dance pictures. Don't worry, I'll share them too!!

♥ Milan ♥

This past week Kayla and I both had to talk in church. She did hers in sacrament and I did mine in Stake was so scary. But anyway that is why she is talking about her talk. Her birthday is today!! April 24th :) Last year for her birthday I drove down to Cedar City with a big white envelope!! Wow time flies! She will be starting her 8th month on May 3... Here is her week!

My talk went well and after cracking a few jokes, a little PMG magic and one testimony later, I was off that stand in less than 5 minutes! It was good though because the Elder before me took up a lot of time, so I was just the break inbetween! Its so funny to see peoples faces here when they can tell you are having a bit of trouble pronouncing something because Italians can NOT control their facial expressions! Anything they are feeling, they show and one family, the Grimaldi's, were smiling and then they looked a little like they were straining to understand, then they would relax and then go back to straining! I almost laughed right on the stand! But all in all it was a neat experience and one that most likely I will have the opportunity to experience time and time again!
This week is transfers, yes already I know, but I have good news! Im staying here and so is Sorella Glass! I get to do another transfer with the best companion I have ever had! Im happy, but she is dying a little because this makes 6 transfers here! 1/2 her mission in one city! But, we will make it fun for her. We are already making goals to really get to work and find even more investigators! I cant wait to see where this work goes. The members are really getting into it and the Bishop is a great help. He and I have a great rapport and Im so greatful. He always asks me how I am, if there is anything he can do to help, how the work is, how my family is, you know, the usual questions, but it really makes me feel appreciated and cared about.

I witnessed a cop and robber chase! Here we go, let me set up the scene for you because it was absolutely priceless. So, we were in the Metro, its underground and its a big cement platform with traintracks in the middle where you wait for the Subway. Usually there are vendors with cheap things like jewerly, bags, socks, etc. We were waiting for our subway, just having finished speaking to an amazing man who gave us his name and 2 numbers and address, Alessandro, and all of the sudden about 5 vendors came running down the platform smiling and laughing a bit and following them was this chunky, mid 50s cop just running as fast as he could to catch up with them! We didnt know what to do, so we just watched, paused and then I asked S. Glass "Did that really just happen?" and I promise you this, it did! I was thoroughly entertained! It was just like the movies and the only thing missing was a donut and some coffee involved somehow!
Take care Mom! You are always in my prayers and thoughts. Im standing in Holy Places and loving every minute of it! Sorella Kayla Wilcox
Easter was spent at the park with these investigators. The lady has a baptism date for July!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another week passes!

This week we:
1. Spent Easter Sunday at the house of Marco and Valentina. They made us a 4
or 5 course meal, we had a great lesson and set a firm baptism date with
Valentina! July 5th!!!
2. We spent the day after easter with them in a park! Marco brought his
guitar and he and I jammed while Valentina taught S. Glass how to play
Scopa. A really sweet Italian game that I will be teaching you all. It was
beautiful and I have pictures coming next week.
3.Our investigator Carmen bore her testimony in Sunday School!!! We only
taught her twice, but we taught her the plan of salvation and while we were
teaching it she asked a lot of questions and said, yeah, I knew thats how it
must be! Yeah, thats right! I knew that was the personality of God! She is
amazing! Sicilian and ready to be baptised. She just wants to learn
everything and then she is good to go! It was amazing.

I have a M. A. F.I .A story for you guys FINALLY! Ready? Here is the story. So, we live on a very posh type of street and there are lots of small restaurants. One morning we are walking to the Metro to go to an appointment and we see about 8 men, older, VERY Italian, dressed very nice outside of this one. They were all standing there and saying congratulations to each other and you just knew. We walked by quickly, but not too quickly! Not a very exciting one, but nevertheless, they are alive and well. Even here in Milano.

I am combining two weeks into one. The first half this message is written by Kayla. The rest is just me commenting! This painter has agreed to listen to their message! I wonder if that's why Kayla bought her mom one of his paintings!? :) Can't wait to see it!! Did you notice the paintings on the apartment building? They got together with the Elders and watched Conference at their Relief Society room. The Elder on the far left is Elder Whatcott from Fillmore!! How crazy is that? Two missionaries from Fillmore in Italy at the same time!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pictures of Milan!

I am sharing pictures this week! They pretty much say everything that needs to be said don't you think? I a couple of her experiences tho, she is a missionary after all!! haha ;)

Irania only speaks Spanish and a tiny bit of English, but if Jaisha wants, I could translate her letters into Italian and then her grandma could translate them into spanish! That would be so great!!! They are teaching us spanish and an amazing thing happened last lesson we had. We usually have someone there to help us translate into spanish, but the grandma wasnt there, so we just drew up the plan of salvation, had them read their scriptures in spanish and taught anyway and it worked!! We understood them (no idea how and it wasnt even that I understood the words, its like I understood everything in my head even though I got no words!!! it was crazy and such a testimony of the gift of tongues) she asked us questions and we answered them! and vice versa! Such an amazing experience and she is progressing so well! She wants to get baptised and we are going to set a date as soon as shes ready.

Mom, I love Milan and I love my companion. We were talking last night about our last 3 transfers and she was with a really hard companion too and so we both are just like taking a breather this transfer and loving it. The transportation is absolutely crazy! We have buses and trams (all the trams look like trolleys from San Fransisco minus the ability to just stand on the side and ride like that) adn then we have 3 metro lines. Do you know metro lines? Its like the subway in chicago or new york. Italians are so funny too because they are the most impatient people I have ever met! Funniest thing and I thought it demonstrated italy so well. We were sitting on the metro and I was deciding who to talk to next and this old man and his grandson got on the metro. He was about 5 or maybe 6 and I said Ciao! and waved and he got all shy and his grandpa was like, say hi to the senorina! and he did a gruff little salute. We were waiting for about a 30 seconds or so longer than we usually do and this little boy was like, are we going to have to live on this train or is it going to go? and he was waving his hands all italian style and everyone was just cracking up at his 60 yr old little boy! the kids are like that sometimes here! They are old people in little bodies! I loved it and laughed so hard.

A book store on the street! You can buy pretty much anything from off the street and these are my favorite. Fashion street this morning on the way here. I took it while in the tram. Its really rainy!

Not the best pictures, but this is my companion Sorella Glass, we're posing by trees that have daisy's on them! They are my favorite!!!

An amazing apartment building.

A huge park by our house. It has a natural history museum, a planetarium, a lake, fountains, a cinema museum. Its beautiful and these trees are some of my favorites!

The coblestone one is when I was at the Gallery. Its a huge outdoor, but covered mall that sells Gucci, Prada, everything expensive and pretty much where Denise belongs! Its right next to the Duomo.
Daisy trees! I'm obsessed with the trees here so expect a lot of these types of pictures in the future.