Friday, April 24, 2009

It's Great to be a Senior!

So I just have to share a couple of pictures with you!! Jarom is just too handsome to keep his pictures to myself! He let me take some pictures for his graduation announcement, it was hard for him because he really hates taking pictures! These are just a couple of good ones!

The Senior Ball was last week too, so here a some pictures of Jarom and a couple of his friends. They came over after their dates dropped them off just to take pictures with him! They have pictures with Jarom of all the major events since 8th grade. I just love these girls!! Of course I couldn't talk him into bringing his date back to our house for pictures so I will just have to wait for him to bring home the dance pictures. Don't worry, I'll share them too!!

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Annette said...

Oh mamma! Get a gun! I just don't know how he grew up so fast.