Thursday, September 25, 2008

Missionary Note!

I haven't posted anything about Kayla because for some reason I think I have to have a picture! Well, I haven't gotten one from Kayla yet so I guess I will just share a few lines from a couple of her letters. She is doing really well, loves being in the MTC and her companion. In her words, her testimony has become rock-hard. She is really growing personally and we just love her letters! Here is a couple of my favorites:

'I love the MTC. I am so happy and content here and my companion is so great! I am in Branch 33 (all the Italian missionaries) and in district B. So, my district is 5 companionship's of Anziani (elders) and 2 companionship's of Sorrelle (sisters). My district is by far the best! These boys who are becoming men are so wonderful! They remind me so much of the Stripling Warriors.'

One of her professors shared this with them when she could see some of them were struggling:

'this is the largest gathering of worthy young people about to bring the light and truth to those lost in the dark and how Satan is sending his best to try and get in. She said, "Ammon walks you to class, Nephi walks you back, Lehi and Abinidai guard the halls and Moroni? He's got the front gate!" or something like that anyway. I thought that was so amazing! So it doesn't really matter how hard things are because we have the Lord's best fighting with us!

Things like these really comfort the Mom! I couldn't want her anywhere else!!! :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Soccer Time!

Go Jaisha! Soccer is going Great for Jaisha this year. She is protecting her goal in this picture, and not afraid to take anyone on! (in green) When Jaisha plays, she plays to win. She plays sweeper, mid defender, and sometimes goalie. Last night they played Moab and she started varsity! She was so excited and played all the first half and most of the second plus she was put in some in the JV game. I am so glad she is having fun with it. Their team is undefeated so far this year!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mighty Hunter!

Yes, Kambrens first Dove hunt was successful!! He just couldn't have been any happier. After his football game Saturday, Dad took him out and they only found this small dove, (can you see it against his camo?) but it was good enough. He hit it in the head with one shot, but as you can see he was very prepared:) Do you like how he layed out the weapons and his 'kill'? He had the breast cut out and the rest thrown away before we even new what he was doing. The next day he cooked it and shared a taste with his mom, which I am surprised to say it was very delicous. If we had to eat them to stay alive, it would take alot of doves! Kambren is the best kind of hunter/fisherman, he does all the preparation, catching/ shooting, cleaning and cooking and shares! Poor kid just wishes there was someone else in the family who thought all of this was as fun as he does.....Dad does a pretty good job!

So Thoughtful!

So it's the day after dropping off Kayla at the MTC and I am really sad, laying around in my housecoat thinking that maybe I shouldn't be so sad and then there was a nock at the door. (Not the first time I've gottem caught in my bathrobe at almost noon!) Kayla had arranged to have flowers delivered to me before she left with the sweetest note ever! I know the flower lady and she had such a sympathetic look on her face and said I bet you can guess who these are from.. Yes, I bawled!!! She told me not to in the note....ya right.. They were the most georgous daisies (my favorite) dark red lilies (because they were just too cool not to put in she said), and a red rose because it her favorite. Not to forget Dad she put on chocolate/caramel dipped pretzel sticks. How lucky am I to have her for a daughter?!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sister Wilcox is now in the MTC!! It was quite an emotional day with alot of tears but filled with love too. Definitely not fun though... Don't get me wrong, we are so happy with Kayla's decision to serve a mission and know Italy will love her. I have an updated address for her now, so just ignore the old one. She would love any letter, cards, or notes of encouragement for her stay in the MTC because Mom thinks she is going to be just a little homesick at first!
Sister Kayla Wilcox
MTC Mailbox #324
ITA-MIL 1104
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, Utah 84604-1793

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We had such a great time at Kayla's un-farewell sacrament talk! I don't quite know what to call it now that it's not a farewell. So much family showed up and surprised us! I wanted to share some of the pictures to show how much fun the day was. Unfortunately I was a little busy so I need to get copies of pictures from my sisters, obviously I missed a few family shots! Time seems to be going so fast, Kayla will be set apart tomorrow night and then its off to the MTC Wed. morning... as we were talking tonight, it might as well just happen because I don't think we will ever be ready. If anyone wants to send her a note or letter I will include the address, I'm sure she will LOVE mail! She will be there for nine weeks and fly out the first of November.
Sister Kayla Wilcox
Italy Milan Mission
Provo Missionary Training Center
2005 n 900 E
Provo, UT 84604