Monday, September 8, 2008

Mighty Hunter!

Yes, Kambrens first Dove hunt was successful!! He just couldn't have been any happier. After his football game Saturday, Dad took him out and they only found this small dove, (can you see it against his camo?) but it was good enough. He hit it in the head with one shot, but as you can see he was very prepared:) Do you like how he layed out the weapons and his 'kill'? He had the breast cut out and the rest thrown away before we even new what he was doing. The next day he cooked it and shared a taste with his mom, which I am surprised to say it was very delicous. If we had to eat them to stay alive, it would take alot of doves! Kambren is the best kind of hunter/fisherman, he does all the preparation, catching/ shooting, cleaning and cooking and shares! Poor kid just wishes there was someone else in the family who thought all of this was as fun as he does.....Dad does a pretty good job!


ginger said...

Wow Kambren, that's a pretty good shot you have! AND you clean it AND you cooked it AND you shared it, boy you're momma is raising a good husband for somebody!!

Sharon Edwards said...

HELLO uncle Dave is "Mr.hunter" if Kambren is interested Dave is the man to take him under his wing, no pun intended. any way good job Kambren! that has to be quite a rush!
Love Ya!
Aunt Sharon