Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fun at Lagoon!!

We decided to go to Lagoon as a family this year since we left Kayla out last year. (It wasn't ok even though she was in Alaska!) So we headed up and had a blast. Jaisha, Jarom, Jay and Kayla rode everything, and more than once. They have no fear...I rode wicked once and thought I was going to die!! So I stuck with Kambren and we had fun on the slower rides. His favorite of course was the bumber cars and the race cars. All of them drove the race cars and Jaisha dominated! Can you tell she is helping me right this?? Wish I had pictures of how wet we got on the Rattlesnake was hilarious! We spent the night with Rory and Judy's house so we could go see the movie The Dark Night, the new batman movie and we highly reccomend it! Of course we did some shopping, but not near enough for the girls! Family trips are so much fun!