Sunday, March 20, 2011

Six Months into the Mission

 Possibly one of my favorite pictures! This is inside the Colosseum that is by his apartment in Nimes.  I knew he would be eating things he would never try here at home, but Snails?  This poor boys needs some meat! He's desperate! haha The only other thing to eat were steamed veggies, but he said they weren't bad dipped in garlic butter, just  a gross texture.

     Looking out over Nimes and he loves cloudy skies. The next picture just looks French doesn't it?                                               

First baptism!!! Contacted him on the street and 4 weeks later he was baptized. Before his transfer he had three more baptisms set.  Kind of sad to be missing them, but so happy to have helped them find happiness.
This is Elder Dortan, the answer to our prayers! Jarom's trainer was very difficult in so many ways and thats with Jarom not saying much, so we prayed all the time for a new companion. Now his letters say, "We're tearin it up and have Satan on the run!"
Even his smile is happier and natural now:)

When I opened this photo tears came to my eyes.  I have so much love for my Son and he looks so good.  He told me he new I would like this canal and fountain so he took this picture on his P-day. He was SO right!

 Saying Good-Bye to his first area was pretty difficult. He loved this man on the left, enjoyed being at his home (and how loud he would play his music for them) and he is such a strong member.  These ladies on the right are the girls in his branch, he knew I would like this picture of him and the 'ladies'! hahaha! See how they are leaning?? Smart girls:)  I got the impression that the ward members didn't have a good relationship with the missionaries previous to Jarom. Understandable when his trainer had been there 6 months. However with Elder Dortan and Jarom, the ward welcomed them with open arms and told them 'Good Job Elders' quite often. The trust and support was restored in their missionaries once again!  The picture below is the ward mission leader who supported the missionaries completely. He really welcomed in the new converts and always had the Elders over for dinner. Jarom loved this man and enjoyed being in his home. He will miss this area and all the people there....