Sunday, November 7, 2010

Goodbye to the MTC

 Well, as the 2 months come to an end I finally get pictures. Jarom has really enjoyed his time at the MTC. There were some really Spiritual experiences there and he is so very appreciative for the Gift of Tounges.
Let me share pieces of his letters with you.  They aren't in any order, just random.

"So ten of us french missionaries had to make a trip to San Fransisco yesterday to meet with the french consolate for our visas. totally pointless trip i thought. 2 hours over, 20 minutes to meet with the guy and give out papers to him and scan our fingerprints, then stopped at peir 39 then 2 hours back. totally pointless but i was so tempted to run over and call you from the phones but i wasn't sure if it was allowed one week in. crazy its only been a week. feels like forever. but yeah it was a heck of a trip. i'll probably never do something like that again. well in class we have been working on contacting and working with the first lesson. crazy cuz on the plane ride home (all us missionaries were sitting next so someone we don't know, i think they plan that) but i sat next to a lady from texas and she was way religious and we talked the whole way home, which i wasn't too happy about cuz i love to just watch out the window of the plane, but we talked about the church and her beliefs and all sorts of stuff and right before we got off the plane i kinda bore her my testimony and gave her a pass-along card and she took it and was way excited, it was a crazy experience. pretty cool. can't wait til i actually know what i'm doing and be able to know what to do in a situation like that."

Roomies.  All going to Toulouse
and a great bunch of guys!
He was lovin these P-Day clothes!

A distant shot but a powerful one!
They love the Temple♥

"About the french. its coming along, i can't believe how much i've learned since i got here but i kinda wish it would come faster. i'm workin hard and i talked to my instructors yesterday askin for tips on how to learn faster. my teachers are so cool. so i'm praying, testimony, and getting to know people in french. there is a program where every wednesday we go and teach something in french then teach a lesson to a investigator. its pretty cool. i'm always nervous, but when we finish i feel so pumped and awesome! its pretty cool haha in 2 weeks we start teaching 40 minute lessons in french. i''m terrified about it. anyways its goin pretty good :)"

"K its pretty hard not to turn into a spiritual giant here. so the people who don't change... they really really tried not to change. me and elder park have been dominating the first and second lesson. we teach great but we just gotta work on teaching equal time. i feel the spirit like a million times every day here haha love it. we're constantly studying churchy stuff or teaching. its pretty awesome. i gotta leave my comfort zone a TON here so i just deal with it. i gotta do it eventually so why not start now. no use complaining too. well out of time. love you guys! tell dad sorry i didn't write him back. i ran out of time while writing you. just saw his message. tell him i'm being as obedient as i can and haven't broke a rule yet... that i know of :) haha alright i'll talk to ya later! love ya"