Thursday, September 25, 2008

Missionary Note!

I haven't posted anything about Kayla because for some reason I think I have to have a picture! Well, I haven't gotten one from Kayla yet so I guess I will just share a few lines from a couple of her letters. She is doing really well, loves being in the MTC and her companion. In her words, her testimony has become rock-hard. She is really growing personally and we just love her letters! Here is a couple of my favorites:

'I love the MTC. I am so happy and content here and my companion is so great! I am in Branch 33 (all the Italian missionaries) and in district B. So, my district is 5 companionship's of Anziani (elders) and 2 companionship's of Sorrelle (sisters). My district is by far the best! These boys who are becoming men are so wonderful! They remind me so much of the Stripling Warriors.'

One of her professors shared this with them when she could see some of them were struggling:

'this is the largest gathering of worthy young people about to bring the light and truth to those lost in the dark and how Satan is sending his best to try and get in. She said, "Ammon walks you to class, Nephi walks you back, Lehi and Abinidai guard the halls and Moroni? He's got the front gate!" or something like that anyway. I thought that was so amazing! So it doesn't really matter how hard things are because we have the Lord's best fighting with us!

Things like these really comfort the Mom! I couldn't want her anywhere else!!! :)

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Holly said...

OH, sounds like she is doing GREAT!! What a blessing!! :)