Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another week passes!

This week we:
1. Spent Easter Sunday at the house of Marco and Valentina. They made us a 4
or 5 course meal, we had a great lesson and set a firm baptism date with
Valentina! July 5th!!!
2. We spent the day after easter with them in a park! Marco brought his
guitar and he and I jammed while Valentina taught S. Glass how to play
Scopa. A really sweet Italian game that I will be teaching you all. It was
beautiful and I have pictures coming next week.
3.Our investigator Carmen bore her testimony in Sunday School!!! We only
taught her twice, but we taught her the plan of salvation and while we were
teaching it she asked a lot of questions and said, yeah, I knew thats how it
must be! Yeah, thats right! I knew that was the personality of God! She is
amazing! Sicilian and ready to be baptised. She just wants to learn
everything and then she is good to go! It was amazing.

I have a M. A. F.I .A story for you guys FINALLY! Ready? Here is the story. So, we live on a very posh type of street and there are lots of small restaurants. One morning we are walking to the Metro to go to an appointment and we see about 8 men, older, VERY Italian, dressed very nice outside of this one. They were all standing there and saying congratulations to each other and you just knew. We walked by quickly, but not too quickly! Not a very exciting one, but nevertheless, they are alive and well. Even here in Milano.

I am combining two weeks into one. The first half this message is written by Kayla. The rest is just me commenting! This painter has agreed to listen to their message! I wonder if that's why Kayla bought her mom one of his paintings!? :) Can't wait to see it!! Did you notice the paintings on the apartment building? They got together with the Elders and watched Conference at their Relief Society room. The Elder on the far left is Elder Whatcott from Fillmore!! How crazy is that? Two missionaries from Fillmore in Italy at the same time!

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