Saturday, April 3, 2010

She's Home!!!!!

March 26th was a very long day! I took the day off from work so I could help with all the last minute stuff and obviously I wouldn't be able to concentrate at work...We left home a little early, did some shopping and arrived almost two hours early. Her flight from Chicago is number 1815. I didn't realize there would be alot of missionaries on the plane with Kayla until I started meeting Mom's waiting around us. How fun is that? We kept ourselves busy by making signs for Kayla... We seemed to wait for a long time and then we saw her coming down the escalator! Holding up our signs mad it pretty easy for her to see us so when she hit the walkway behind the glass she started to run!!! It was so cute♥  Instantly
the tears started to flow ;) She looked so good and as her Mom, I must say it felt so good to have her in my arms again. We were all talking before she arrived about who was going to hug her first...ha! I'm like "Hello".... Thanks to James for taking this picture, I think it captured the moment perfectly. Good thing he was flying in that night so he could take our pictures!
Nothing says welcome home like a dozen red roses from your Dad! They are Kayla's favorite flower♥  The ride home from the airport went kinda fast with the exception for the usual stop at Walmart.... We kept Kayla talking the whole way almost, then jet-lag took over and she fell asleep like the rest of the kids. She did talk some in Italian though while sleeping! We had a blast having her talk to us in her language, she can really speak it well and so very fast!! When we got home at almost 3 a.m. we opened her gifts she brought home to, ties, purses, cookbooks, journals and chocolate! What a fun and special day.


Annette said...

So good to have her home! Wish I could have seen her when you came to Cedar, though. :(

Jill said...

Welcome Home Kayla!

Carrie said...

Love your pictures. Love hearing the stories. I love it when missionaries come home. They bring all their "missionary magic dust" with them and make everything happier!