Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another White Envelope Day!

                                 The time came for Jarom to send in his mission papers so out to the backyard we went to get an official looking mission picture because his Senior picture didn't have the right tie. Jarom really doesn't like getting his picture taken, so this was a last minute thing. Strange how he can live with me his whole life and yet not be used to getting his picture taken don't you think? He sent his papers in just after General Conference and we started guessing where he would be going. We didn't even get close!

The postmaster called me at work and asked if I wanted her to put "The White Envelope" in my home mailbox or deliver to me at work...Hello!!! So I waited for her out by my work mailbox for her and yes, when I read Elder Jarom Jay Wilcox I cried...just a little! I took a picture of my excitement and sent the text to Jarom and Jay  and said "Hurry home"!  The rest of the day that envelope sat on my desk tempting me.....

Jarom came home from Snow and we waited for Dad to get home from work.......
Finally!!! Everyone is home and the camera's are ready.......Jarom moved  so very slowly just to tease us!

Very slowly and carefully he starts to read his letter trying not to just skip it and read the where....then he reads  Toulouse, France Mission!!!!
 Seriously??? There was much screaming, laughter and Wow!!!! Nobody even came close to France.....Jarom was so surprised! He enters the MTC July 28th.

Just a little background, the standing joke between Dad and Jarom is the standard throwing up the arms and saying "I Surrender"!!!! Ya, Jarom really use to tease Kayla about her obsession and love of Paris and anything French, which now of course is completely replaced with Italian! He just made fun of anything French!! Hahahaha!! He looked at me and said, "Well, someone has a sense of humor!" We just cracked up!!!
Needless to say we are so Very excited for Jarom. His mission borders Italy on one side just next to Kayla's first area of Torino. His mission is the South part of France. Can you just picture Jarom speaking French?! Jarom took his mission papers back to school with him so I don't have the official map but his mission includes Monaco and I think cuts over to the other side just above Bordeaux. I'm thinking he is going to have some humidity! He struggles with heat/humidity, but all I wanted was for him to be able to drink the water and not to have any fighting going on! I find it amazing how all day with the envelope staring at me and my stomach had little nerves of anticipation and worry about where my Son will go for two years, and when the words were read, Toulouse, France my insides calmed down and I felt peace with his destination. The Lord really helps me, how else could I let my children go so far away?! Of course I would be so sad if they didn't take this opportunity to serve and grow.


Kay said...

WOW! That is so dang awesome! He will surely have some great experiences in France, non? I'm so excited for him! I took French in high school and loved it. Actually, if you know Italian, you can pick up French pretty easily (I've been told, Kayla). So far your kids are REALLY flying the coop, eh? Bon Chance!!!

Carrie said...

We are soooooo excited for him. I always wanted to serve in France... Alas.. Maybe when Brad and I are OLD we'll go there on a mission together.
His mission borders Spain which is where Brad served. Looks like the "Morris" family is getting Europe covered, right?

CONGRATS to everyone, but especially Jarom. Great great great news.

(I'm so glad you explained he doesn't like his picture being taken. I felt like I had the plague at the welcome home and I was trying to get his picture. He wouldn't ever look directly at me or my camera. :) Ha ha ha!)

Elexia Belle said...

oh ephra i loved this post. the end made me cry!! you are such a strong woman to be able to send away your children so far away. i am so proud of jarom and i know he will be an awesome missionary... but yet i still just cant picture him speaking french... just cracks me up but im very much excited for him :)