Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Kayla! It was fun to have her home after missing her last two birthdays. Jaisha made her cake and Kayla chose her colors and it turned out just perfect! Funny how Kayla feels so old at 23...cause she is really so very young. Her birthday fell on a Saturday and she and I went down to listen to Kayla's Hero - Sheri Dew!! She was speaking at a conference there and she even had the chance to shake her hand. Sister Dew is so amazing and the trip down was definitely worth it! I just had to give her a little book as a memory.

Probably the most exciting gift of the day was her little notebook/laptop. Seems like kids just can't function in college or society without the internet. When I told her she had the web-cam, she started to cry! She now speaks/see's her converts in Italy!! Best of all its free! She really misses them.

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