Sunday, May 9, 2010

Birthday & Graduation!!!

Jarom had a busy birthday this year. His birthday fell on Friday, and it was the end of finals with graduation from Snow College Saturday morning!We just couldn't be more proud of all he has accomplished since graduating from high school last year. He received his associates in only one year! He has been so working so hard that he is enjoying being home now with no responsibilities other than getting things ready for his mission.  So the guest speaker for the Snow graduation was Elder Jeffrey R Holland! Jarom was pretty excited to shake his hand.
The person who was taking the pictures of the graduates with the dean, really should have been taking pictures with Elder Holland! haha ;) Just kidding. Afterwords we moved him out of his apartment and it is definitely easier moving a son than a daughter! They just don't accumulate much in the way of decorations. It has been such a busy few weeks for me and my emotions have been crazy. I have been blessed with such amazing children and they bring me so much happiness. Add a wonderful husband to the mix and I sometimes sit back and wonder how I can be this blessed? I am so grateful for my family♥


Annette said...

Congrats Jarom! Love the picture at the bottom of the four!

Kay said...

I love your comments, Ephra, about your bountiful blessings. I know; your kids bring you so much joy and happiness. Of course, they can bring heartache too, when they get injured, etc. Just wanted you to know I loved your post.