Sunday, October 26, 2008

2nd at State!

This weekend was State Soccer and the weather was perfect and the girls played great!! Their first game was really tuff, they played the team that beat them last year in sudden death, so beating them 1-0 felt like sweet redemption!!!! The crowd went wild and the team was just a celebrating!! It was so fun watching them play, they are a great team. The next day they played long and hard but just couldn't beat the 1st ranked team. Yes that is a picture of my daughter playing in a state game as a freshman!! She was put in the game twice and she was just so excited!! After loosing 13 seniors last year, this team had a remarkable year, pulling off an undefeated season! We are so Proud of the team!!! Just think, in two weeks basketball starts...................
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Annette said...

What a jock, Jaisha. I am so impressed! So, you will play basketball, too? I'm going to have to come watch some of those games!