Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sorella Kayla Is In Milan!

Yesterday was a great day!!! The phone rang at 5:20 am and it was a collect call from Kayla!! No I wasn't awake, but answered the phone anyway! She left the MTC at 4 am so she had some time to call. By some time I mean we were on the phone until 7:00! It was so fun to talk to her. She caught Jay just before he was leaving for work and bore her testimony for him in Italian!! It was so amazing it just made us cry... Some of you might think she talks fast in should hear her speak Italian haha! She sounds just like a missionary, all happy and positive and excited to share the gospel. Wow, its fun to listen to her! She talked to her brothers and sister too, who were also asleep. When she landed in Chicago at the O'Hare airport she called me again for another hour and a half, yes my phone bill will be enormus!! but oh well. She was challenged to place three Books of Mormon during her trip, and she gave out one in SLC and one in Chicago! Kayla is excited to begin her work in Italy, wich they will do shortly after they arrive. They will go to a square of one of the famous Cathedrals and meet Italians for a couple of hours! I am sure the language will sound totally different over there, but she is so excited anyway. My phone rang at 12:10 am and she was in Germany and the flight was good. Then yes, one more time at 4:00 am she called from Italy!! Of course these two calls were maybe a min. long just to let Mom know she was safe and had two new stamps in her passport! It was about 11:00 am for her, but she was able to sleep some on the planes. So all is well, and safe. She is definitely a missionary and has such a powerful testimony and a desire to share it. A group of them, 23 at first before they split in Chicago, caused quite an interest at the airports. She thought the little black name tags were the cause, I think they helped, but seeing a group of such nicely dressed and clean young people with the spirit shining brightly through their eyes would be quite a sight!


Holly said...

How exciting for Kayla! What a neat experience to hear her bear her testimony in Itallian. :)

ginger said...

Lucky....I can't wait to hear her speak Italian. How ironic she gave a BofM in Chicago, very interesting. We are so excited for her, she's awesome!

Annette said...

I can't believe she is there! This is so exciting. I got a letter from her today and she is definitely a missionary! That's so fun that you got to talk to her so much. Can't wait to see pics of Italy! Remember, we are saving our money to go pick her up in 18 months, ha! I wish!