Saturday, October 2, 2010

Puffer Lake

Leaving the Office early to go and relax and take pictures up at Puffer Lake was just what I needed today!  Life was getting in the way of me going and seeing the beautiful fall leaves and I've almost missed them.  I took many pictures and I am sharing only a few but probably too many :)

Jay caught his first fish almost faster than I could get my camera ready! It was crazy, the first few fish bit almost as soon as the power-bait hit the water. I truly enjoy watching my guys having so much fun with the excitement of catching fish after fish! I Unfortunately fishing isn't always this easy... I have to laugh though when Kambren is the only one who touches the fish. Jay just says its his turn, haha..Good thing he doesn't mind! The quakies were so beautiful, but its crazy how some have lost their leaves and then it varies to some that are still green. Fall is my favorite time of year.

This is the look of perfect happiness! Kambren caught a Native Brown along with all the Rainbow trout!

Mo is the best dog a boy could ever have, he never leaves Kambrens side.  How cool is this spiderweb? Never saw the spider thank goodness.

When I downloaded this picture I had to turn it around and  really had to look closely to see which side was the reflection.

Totally grosses me out and doesn't even bother him but he made a face just to humor me. The brown stuff I'm thinking is what he squeezed out of the fish just to see what they've been eating....
How cute is this picture?! They limited out in less than 30 minutes.

Beautiful ride home for an afternoon of enjoying the beautiful gifts of Fall.
Wondering if I should post the pictures of cleaning the fish, cooking and eating of the fish?


Annette said...

These pictures are great!!! Love the one of the road and trees...well, love them all! Wish I could have been there! Yes, post all the after stuff, please!

Annette said...
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Jill said...

Beautiful Ephra! Sounds like a heavenly time!!

Snuggie2U said...

Hello- I found your blog. Didn't know you had one! Great photos and Beaver, I must say, is the best place on earth- next to Kanosh ;)