Sunday, September 12, 2010

What do you do on your Son's last day to play?

Nothing feels like freedom of riding a four-wheeler and driving fast and getting dirty!  Jarom really enjoys the four-wheelers so off to the desert we went. Thanks to Uncle James for lending us his so Jarom didn't have to share with Kayla who by the way absolutely loved being by herself.  Jay loves the desert so we headed off to Sugar Loaf, the old Volcano.

Along the way we stopped to see the Indian Writings and seriously I'm quite impressed with my cell phone camera! Yep all these pictures were taken with my phone because it was just too dusty for my real camera.

I've decided I will never be thin so I might as well start adding some pictures of me and my wonderful hubby.  I love going on outings with him, especially when it involves holding onto him when he's driving the four-wheeler!

At the top of Sugar of Sugar Loaf a long time ago before the depression, some guy was building a windmill for electricity, but took the money and ran when the economy fell apart. There are only some pillars left, kinda reminded me something from an Alien movie.

Oh the joy! Nothing like a

 dirty face and a fast ride!!!  
  Best part of it all was watching Jarom riding wild and free with his headphones on and music cranked.
Oh how he will miss his music, but what a  fun day! 


Carrie said...

I love it! What a perfect way to spend his last day of "freedom!"

I think you look fantastic. Please put more pictures of your beautiful self on the blog!

Jill said...

hahahaha.........the freedom!! Awesome! He is going to be a great missionary, and spending the last day with your family! Priceless!!!

Annette said...

What fun pictures! It looks like you all had a great time. Where were Kambren and Jaisha?

Elexia Belle said...

yes this looks like the perfect day!!! any day that involves 4 wheelers and hugging on to the hubby would def be considered a perfect day :) it will be a day jarom will remember for a long time :)