Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Friend and Family Support!

Jarom's Farewell will be one remembered by his friends as 'the funnest farewell I've ever been to!'
The support shown to Jarom from family and friends just warmed our hearts. A big thanks to all who came and especially to the ones who worked so hard to help feed us all!

My family is growing up so very quickly.....I never thought I would become the shortest, but I'm thinking that's going to happen!
Having a Son like Jarom is such a blessing. He seems to have been a Mama's boy since his first breath, and he still is! (at least that's what I choose to believe;)  I know he will be an amazing Missionary and I am so proud of his decision to serve.  I will try and be unselfish enough to share him for 2 years....or as we like to look at it - just 24 fast Sundays!  Sending a child off and out of reach for 18 months or 2 years, brings about feelings that are just too hard to explain.  I cry alot the last week before they leave, and have my moments throughout, but am so thankful to my Heavenly Father for helping me while they are gone.  I know He helps keep me distracted with life, and most of the time even makes the time move along quickly.  But no matter what it's a long time not to hug your child.


Jill said...

Good luck Jarom!! France won't know what hit them!!!!

Annette said...

Heavy sigh, Ephra. I know you still have tears, but he will be back before you know it! Can't wait to hear him speak French!