Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jarom's Farewell!!! August 29, 2010

Just in case someone is still looking at my neglected blog I thought I would invite you to Jarom's Farewell!  August 29 at 9:00 am at the Fillmore 1st and 4th ward building. (same as Kayla's homecoming)  This is different then the first scheduled farewell, but the weekend before his scheduled date we received a call from our Stake President that his mission had been postponed for six weeks.  Crazy huh? Never heard of such a thing,  so a few days later I called the MTC and all they said was all the missionaries who were scheduled for Toulouse France on July 28 had been changed to Sept 8 with no reason given to them. So  we weren't alone!  It was pretty hard for Jarom, but honestly it wasn't hard for me!!! I got to keep him a little longer ;)  Now the time has just flown by and I'm no better prepared for the farewell then I was then.  Here's the plans so far, Sacrament meeting at 9:00 then off to the North Park for sandwiches and salads and some sort of chocolate. If you would like to bring a salad that would be great, but if you just want to come and visit that works too;)  I hope to see everyone there, but totally understand if life gets in the way and you can't join us. I'll post Jarom's address as soon as I get it.


Annette said...

Ya! You're back! Looks like I'm the only one reading your blog...everyone else gave up on you! I will bring a salad! Are you coming to Parowan Thursday? I will be there, too!

Elexia Belle said...

hey its about time that you updated haha. well i am sure proud of jarom!!! i cant believe its time!! i cant wait to see you guys this weekend!!! i will bring a salad as well ok :) oh and i gues i can give ya my blog again... its :) love and cant wait to see you!!!

Carrie said...

I'm so sad we weren't able to make it. BUT.... you were all in our thoughts! Love you!