Sunday, October 24, 2010

First MTC Picture!

At church today the mother of the missionary on the right showed me this picture! Her son is also in our ward and he had Jarom's good friend (first elder) from Gunnison in his district. I was so excited!! I miss my Jarom so much, so its great to get a picture of him. Sorry the quality isn't good, for some reason it wouldn't let me upload the scanned image so its a picture of a picture. I haven't gotten any pictures from Jarom yet because he has been having trouble with his camera card but has now found a machine that will read his card so pictures will come soon!!! How cute is he? I don't care how hard things might be in France, how could anyone turn away such a handsome boy?! haha...yep, that would be a 'mother' talking.
So he will be flying out about the 8 or 9 of November and I am so looking forward to his phone call. He has a 4 hour lay-over in Dallas so his call should be a long one:) Just an update on his time at the MTC. His companion is a little taller and skinnier than Jarom, is quiet like Jarom and they really enjoy each other. Thank goodness. His district is the BEST! All of this has helped him adjust even tho there were some really homesick days the first week there. He is doing great, teaching and speaking in French all the time, loving the continuous Spiritual moments that happen every day and looks forward to attending the temple every Friday.  A new group of  forty French speaking missionaries have come in and now he is one of the 'old' missionaries. He was hilarious when he said the newbies all looked so innocent..haha.. Imagine feeling old at 19...He has been able to see his friends come and leave the MTC and he is still there, but hey, thats the price for getting to serve in France:)  His last letter home he said many times that he is so ready to go and serve the people in France. When I hear that, it makes the missing him a little easier.


Annette said...

Glad he's doing well. Can't wait to see more pictures!!

Carrie said...

He does look great. I'm glad he's so anxious to get to France. I look forward to hearing more updates on him. (hint, hint, hint.)

Kay said...

What a cool kid! He will be a big influence there in France. You should be mega proud of him, right? Love the news, keep it coming!