Thursday, March 26, 2009

♥Twilight Movie Night♥

How lucky were we to have EDWARD join us at our party? :)
Yes, we watched it on Friday night, (early!!) and partied till 4:00 am!!!! Isn't it just amazing how something so silly as a Vampire can inspire so many fun get togethers? We have partied for over a year now because of these books and the movie ;) As you can see, plenty of food, some kissing?, and great friends made a great night!!!!

My best friends, Melody and Sheri!! Stevie and Kortney came to hang with us too. Having him stand by the screen was a little distracting!! heehee♥ We're looking forward to New Moon!!!!!!!!


Annette said...

Oh my! Where did you get him?

Tiffany said...

Oh my!!! I didn't know you where such fans. We should arrange a midnight girls night of New Moon