Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kayla's first transfer!!! Hello Milan♥

Saying good-bye to her first companion Sorella Moreno, and all of the other people she has grown to love.This is Victoria and she is an artist and almost ready for a baptism challenge. This their family home evening group, so she had the chance to say goodbye before she left. Just a few fun pictures from Torino, like the Chocolate Festival, a random human statue? and other Sorella in Torino.

HELLO MILAN!!!! How pretty is this street? I'm sure you noticed she is posing in front of some mighty fine vehicles!:) How else do you really enjoy Milan on your first P-Day? Buy some cheap sunglasses and relax for a bit in the park.....This is her new companion Sorella Glass, she is from Arizona and they seem to be a perfect match! It's so good to hear her talk about laughing and being happy and really feeling at home with this transfer.

Her new apartment. It must be nicer than her last one because she never sent any pictures of it!

Here is some of her last email. It's nice to see a little of her old personality come through along with all the growth she is experiencing!! Enjoy!!!

So, I have to tell you something. I absolutely adore Milan! I feel so at home here and its so beautiful! I feel like I have been here before because most the time I dont feel lost and I feel comfortable. I could live here! But not for a while. The ward members are amazing and the Bishop and this wife and I have a good report! She even gave me a recipe for Riso con latte e canella which is divine! My companion and I are getting along really well and we are so much alike. Last night we didnt feel tired so we just stayed up talking and lo and behold, she loves baking and the movie Stranger than Fiction and we decided to just open up a bakery in San Fransisco when we get home and cook Italian sweets. Yes, really silly, but so fun!

We have an investigator named Irania who is 14 and just lost her mom 3 weeks ago. We are trying to get her to go to Young Womens and I wish Jaisha was here to be her friend! I would kill for it! But the girls here are good too. Irania is doing really good and we are planning on an end of april/mid may baptism for her. Her whole family are members, but inactive and she is getting them activated again. She is so with it too! They all hound her about getting baptised, but she doesnt give in. She told us she wants to understand everything and really choose! I love her. We also have Valentina and Marco. Marco is less active and Valentina is an investigator. They are getting married in July and then she is getting baptised! They live together, or else she would already be baptised. I cant believe I get to see all these miracles! I love our investigators! Yesterday we had a lesson with one named Maria Cruz who speaks more Spanish than Italian, but thanks to the gift of tongues we are able to understand one another. Anyway, it was my first time meeting her and our second lesson with her and we had planned to teach her the restoration, but she wanted to wait until her grandkids were there. So, we were like, ok...umm... then S. Glass had a thought to teach 2 Nefi 31 which is all about baptism, so we taught it and it went really well! She wants to get baptised! With S. Moreno, I always felt like a baptism invite came after we had taught them everything, but instead, PMG says we can invite them the first time we meet them. Im learning so much from S. Glass and I love it.

We have 4 baptism dates for our companionship and we have 10 as a district!!! Its so exciting!

Here, every teenager and little girl asks us if we have ever met the people on High School Musical and of course we havent. But, I have an in! I tell them my cousin danced in High School Musical two and they go crazy! So, Brittney is super famous here. I show them the pictures of Elexias wedding so they know what she looks like. If she ever comes here, she will be mauled by our investigators.

I miss the people in Torino a lot. It was really hard to leave a lot of them and when some cried I really had a hard time. I was of course crying right a long with them because you know me, but I didnt think it was going to be that hard. I think its harder than saying goodbye to friends at home because there is next to no chance that I will ever see those people again and that just hurts. I cant think about it too much because I need to love the people of Milano just as much, if not more than them so I can do my duty to the fullest!

I still dream in English. Blast! But everyone says I speak really well in Italian and I understand almost everything. So, its ok. Maybe that will come. Its so nice just to say what I want to say in lessons and on the street. But, if Im under pressure its really hard still. Yesterday I forgot the word for hand dryer and couldnt think of it! It was frustrating/amazing. Its getting harder to speak well in English. S. Glass and I try to say something conjugated and we have to think for a while. This morning I wanted to say "we arent capable" but I kept saying "its not in our capaciability". Which makes sense in Italian, but in English it sounds wrong. So much fun!

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Annette said...

Love your background! Love the letters from Kayla! She is having an amazing experience. Wish we were rich and could go over there when it's time to come home! Do we have any rich relatives I don't know about?