Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So this is the new hair "trim".... uhmm looks like a lot more than a trim to me! But since she looks so good I guess it's ok!! haha

Kayla says she is always wet and usually cold. Definitely looks that way, but it just doesn't seem to dampen their spirits! I wonder what the summer will be?

A few of the sister's serving in her area...

Who could resist being drawn to this group of young ladies? I think they just glow!!  Here are a few parts from her last email. She spent a couple of days with another companion, it was time for their switch thing they do every so often....

Im over a 1/3 of the way through and I will be home before you even know it. I am keeping my companion pretty focused and we are doing much better. I laughed A LOT over your last email! this last week was really rough, but its ok. I learned a lot and am so glad is over. Its funny you asked about my health because I had a bit of the flu that I am getting over. Monday night, Tuesday and this morning we did scambi (traded companions) and I had to go to Genova to pick up S.lla Rasmussen. I was feeling pretty sick and threw up on the train and then threw up on the train home and just wasnt ship shape. That night I just went to bed, poor S.lla Ras! The next day I felt like lying in bed all day and doing nothing, but I prayed the night before to be able to go to our appointments and did. We had 3 appointments! We were out pretty much all day and I unwisely decided to eat pizza ( I was hungry!) and we ended up having a really great experience. First off, Sorella Ras is awesome! She is so happy! So, we had this boy that we met doing mostra and his name is Luigi (no he doesnt have a brother named Mario, I checked ;) ). Anyway, he is 19 and he had a girlfriend who was a member but she died two years ago. When she was alive she answered some of the questions that he had about the church,but when he really got interested, she was already gone. When he saw us at mostra he was really happy and so we set up an appointment to meet him and give him a book of mormon. He was really excited, wants to know more and is really just ready. He is coming to F.H.E tonight!!! We already have a friend lined up for him and are really excited to see where this goes. Its so amazing! I have sad news for you though, Lucia dropped us. She says she has her religion and doesnt need anything else. Its sad, but maybe this was just her first contact. They say everyone needs at least 6 or 7. But, good news! We have 6 new investigators this week! Our work is really growing and its growing fast! I dont even know how to keep up with it all! The Anziani are a little jealous, but Im telling you, the blessings of obedience and doing casa (knocking doors) and praying are where its at. 

Transfer calls are the 10th. So, next wednesday I will know if Im going or staying!! 

I got a little teary eyed when you described what happened the first Sunday Kambren passed the sacrament. I dont know what we all did to deserve each other, but Im sure glad we did it!  I love being here on my mission. I dont think I can say it enough. Its hard, Im cold and wet a lot, I have people look at me like Im crazy, but I get to see MIRACLES every single day. My prayers are answered and I feel so close to my Heavenly Father. He wipes away my tears when I feel like its too tough.  We are so fortunate to have such good parents. It is not the norm and I know how lucky I am. I always get choked up when I talk about you two. You definitely chose well! I love you mom!!!

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Margie and Chad said...

I hope you don't mind me reading your blog! I always read your comments on my mom's blog! Thanks for keeping intouch with her, I am know she is so thankful for it. Anyway, see you later! Glad your missionary is doing well!!! :)