Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to School!

The first day of school picture is such a tradition! It's so nice to have Jarom still in high school so Jaisha can have a ride every morning. I still can't believe she is in high school! When they came home I asked them about their day and Jarom said he was ready for the year to be over...Jaisha said it was ok but wasn't impressed by the language and public display of affection in the halls, but there were some cute guys. Kambren thought the day was soooo long, and all the bad kids are in his class, guess that's what happens when you get the man teacher. Our life style of up all night and sleeping in is pretty tuff on the kids, they were ready for bed much earlier tonight! It seemed to be a pretty good day all around though, and all the anxiety and nervousness is over so the routine of school life has started!

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