Thursday, August 7, 2008

Our Chicago get-away Weekend!

We're on our way! Jay looked out the window the whole way, just like a kid! Of course our first priority was to eat some Giordano's Pizza!!! There is no pizza in the world like it! So of course we ate it more than once!!

One day we drove down to Nauvoo to do a session in the Temple and it was so worth the drive! Of course it was one of the most humid days of the summer.. Ephra just about died... James and Dayla were with us for the trip so the three missionaries all reminisced about their areas and apartments and all the fun times. Chicago is a beautiful city, and all the old buildings were so fun to take pictures of. I wish I could post them all, but I don't think you would want to look at almost 300 of them!


ginger said...

How awesome! It looks like you had a great both look so happy! I love get-aways with my husband, priceless memories!

Julia H. Doolittle said...

I didn't realize Jay was in Chicago on his mission. It's a beautiful city. We lived in Evanston when I was just in kindergarten, but I remember summer nights catching fireflies and running around the neighborhood with all the kids. My father took the "L" to work each morning. We moved from Evanston to San Carlos, CA. Two of my brothers attended Northwestern for graduate work.

We have friends from here in VA who have moved to Nauvoo to work in the temple. They may have been in your session. You never know. It's a small world in the church.

I'm so glad you decided to have a blog. Thanks, Ephra.

The Ryan Family said...

You don't know me but I need to ask you a favor.....My best friend (Brandon Teeples) married Carol (who I was also friends with in High school)and I've been trying to get them to start a blog, I was hoping some other influences could possibly pressure them as well. Thanks ~Mitch Ryan