Saturday, January 2, 2010

Letter from Pordenone

Hey there!
I sent a bunch of pictures and I hope they got there. I dont know if they did, but if they didnt Im going to be so mad because I spent a lot of time doing that!
Anyway, Im going to answer all your questions now:
My apartment smells ok. Its not as strong of a stench, but its still pretty bad.
I was in Milano for 9 beautiful months. Valentina wrote me this week! Im so happy!
My companion is amazing and its so easy to get a long. She says I have grown up a lot since the MTC, especially confidence wise. She said before I wasnt very sure of myself and now I am. That and anger wise too. I control my temper much better. She would know!
We did get bikes! Slla Durazzani is letting us rent hers for 25 euros a piece and another sister sold us hers for 50!So basically we are really happy. Surely it is a miracle from Heavenly Father.
I will be going to Venice next Thursday! I still cant believe it! What a dream! Plus it should be overcast so it will look just like the opening scenes of The Italian Job! So watch it for me ok?

  We have had a bunch of fun here in Pordenone. Although, its been a learning process of how much we have to grow as Daughters of our Heavenly Father and especially of how much growth we need as missionaries. They members love us, maybe a little too much, and especially love to feed us. NOT GOOD. Ok, there are worse things, but still. Not good. We havent been able to really get into a groove because we have been at the mercy of members and their knowledge of the city. Its been great getting rides everywhere, but its taking a toll on how we feel as missionaries and the work we are doing. So, after a lunch appointment, we knelt in prayer and listed all of our weaknesses and then worked on finding solutions. We really felt the spirit help us and now we are looking into the scriptures to find the answers more fully. I love being able to pray for anything! Isnt it just great? I have learned so much more about my relationship with Heavenly Father in this short time in Pordenone! I didnt even think it was possible to learn so much so quickly! Plus Slla Doxey is just a gem. I love this girl! She is one hard worker.
Yesterday we had quite the adventure. So, we had interviews down in Mestre (about 15 min or so outside of about temptation!) and what do you know, we miss our train. Yep, we ran for a good mile and still missed it. So, there we were, breatheless, hair trashed, and UPSET. The next train was in a little over an hour and all we could do was sit and wait. So we did. I was livid, but I decided there must be a reason for it, so we sat and decided to write letters and read PMG while waiting. It turned out to be a great experience! Plus on the train ride there we got to talk to a man from Rome. When we arrived, we had to wait for the bus and then determine where to get off. Yes, we nearly got off the wrong stop. Typical and by this point I was mad again. As we got off of our bus, I happened to catch my reflection in a store window and what I saw was awful! My eyes were so dark and angry and the solemn expression was so annoyed it actually surprised me. I thought, this is no way for a representative of Jesus Christ to act or look, so I immediately started praying silently for the hate to be taken from me. As I did, I could feel it leaving me slowly. Its like after you have been sick and you have a fever and are sweating. After awhile, you can feel the sickness leaving you bit by bit until you have sweat it all out. It was like that. After about 4 or 5 minutes I was fine and happy again. That is the power of the atonement. It can completely change us if we allow it.
The rest of interviews went wonderfully. The Anziani are fabulous, a couple from the MTC! and my district in Torino!, and President is inspired. He gave a beautiful blessing and I was told that my family is in the Lords hands and that the memories I will have of my time here will be precious to me. I also need to study my patriarchal blessing so that I can chart out my life. Other things were mentioned and I wrote them all down, but in short, it was just beautiful. I truly respect and love Pres. Dunaway.
Well, that is about it for here! All is wonderful and I will be buying a coat VERY SOON because it is COLD! But not nearly as bad as Torino, thank goodness!
I love you mom! Please take care and just love every moment you have! I am learning how important that is. You have always been a great example for me of this and I love how I can look up to you. Jarom is right, we have been incredibly blessed with the family we have! Whatever we did in the Pre-earth life must have been really great!

I love you so much! Hug everyone extra tight for me!
Slla Wilcox


Carrie said...

What a great letter!!! She is a rock!!! Thank you for sharing! She makes me want to go on a mission!!!!!!!!!!

Annette said...

Did the pictures she mentioned come through? You should so post them, k?