Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bicycle Struggles.......

So I thought I would share some of this letter. She does have her struggles, so I didn't want you to think she was on a wonderful Italian vacation! haha ;) I love sharing all the pictures and great moments. However there aren't any pictures to send this time, there doesn't seem to be much to take pictures of in Modena is the reason she has given me. Guess I'll just have to tell her to take a few pictures of all the Ferrari and Lamborghini that I am sure she is seeing......... Enjoy the letter!

About the bikes...I have about had it with them! This week has been a trial of our faith, I think. So, I'll start with the trama and end with the annoying.
There we were, Saturday, and we were on our way to Coorelation with our ward mission leader. Sorella Stevens was riding along and got her skirt stuck in the brakes which is normal. But, after adjusting it, it got stuck a little again. I saw it, but didnt think anything of it. Then, as were were racing to church, she tried to break, but since the skirt was jammed up really tight by this point, the bike came to a complete and sudden stop and she flew over the handle bars and then the bike landed on her! This caused her chain to fall off, but thankfully we are wearing our helmets, so she was ok. That and the 8 layers of clothing helped to soften the fall! Since we were late and couldn't fix the chain, she just held on to my arm as I pedalled and we "glided" her to church on her bike. It was true teamwork and a test of unity! Oh yes, we passed. Then, as we were parking our bikes in the bike rack, I tripped and fell flat on my bike. Classic.
The meeting went well and the Anziani fixed the chain and off we went again. On this same street, I saw a woman I wanted to invite to church. So, I signaled to Sorella Stevens to turn around. I started to talk to her while Sorella Stevens was coming and as I looked over to see where she was, I saw her get hit by a car. My heart sort of sunk I didn't know if it really happened or if I was dreaming. So, I left my bike and the woman and ran over to her. Luckily she was fine and the old Italian man driving the car was going slower so all is well, but it was so scary! Typical of Italian culture, the man who hit her jumped out of his car and started yelling at her to be careful. She just cried and I was restrained miraculously from starting a fight. He softened a little, patted her cheek and drove off. Sorella Dunaway was furious that he didn't even give his number or anything! We had to call her to see if we had to go to the emergency room. Sorella Stevens was thinking, if only we had another companion because I could be helping her and the other one could be passing out pamphlets with invites to learn about the gospel and how she was saved because she is a missionary called by the correct authority and about the Plan of Salvation!
Ah, but only if that was the end of our drama...
So, that very same night, as we were 2 blocks away from home, I was struggling to pedal and low and behold there was a snap and my pedals refused to move. The main wheel that holds the chain had broken off and was against the actual bike part, thus making it impossible to pedal. Fabulous. So, we had to get that fixed, 50 euros (I just about died because I had to use my money). But, there is a silver lining. At the bike shop we invited two women there to learn about the gospel and they accepted! We will have an appointment later this week! And the bike shop owner as well! He offered his shop for us to teach in. So, there is a reason for everything, but MAMMA MIA!!!!!! Che stress!
That is my drama this week. We had some fun door knocking experiences too though! Ok, so, sometimes people are NOT HAPPY and want nothing to do with us, right? Ok, so we were ringing the bells to see if someone would let us in to knock doors. One woman had NO interest. So, as we finally got in, Sorella Stevens accidently knocked her door! We ran down to the next floor hoping she wouldnt find us, but she walks down and glares at us even as we were apologizing and says, "You have 5 seconds to get out of here before I call the police!" I had fear! But is was fun. Sometimes we get crazies, but don't worry, I'm writing down fun experiences like this in my journal! I bought a journal for Christmas that has one page per day, numbered so I write down just a bit and it really is so much better!

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Annette said...

Good to know it's not all vacation time!! Ha! I like the
MAMMA MIA part! When she gets home she'll be able to chew people out in Italian and it will sound way cool!