Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jaisha's Sophmore Soccer Season!!

Jaisha had an amazing soccer season this year playing Goalie on the Varsity Team!! The Lady Eagles were undefeated in their Region! We had so much fun following the team to every game this year! Jay was totally into this season and took vacation to watch each game. Such dedication from such an awesome Dad. We even drove to Moab to watch them play, 31/2 hours one way....I'm thinking that's dedication! 
Jaisha had a 6 Shut Outs!!! Yep, six games where nobody scored on her. It seemed the only time someone could score on our defense was when there was a penalty kick, and stopping the ball from ten feet away is definitely a challenge. Just standing behind the net taking pictures scares me enough. I don't know how she does it!

One of the neatest things I witnessed our Ladies do was to link feet and fold their arms and offer a prayer before every game. I am so proud of our Team. Then after the prayer they  jump around in the circle and yell "Pump it Up, Pump that Eagle Spirit Up..... etc.. The crowd yells it with them and it really fires the team up.

State Semi-Finals we met St. Joseph, a private Catholic school. We made it to the bottom three teams, the other team being Waterford, another private school who took state in 3A last year and moved down to play in 2A this year. It seems Millard makes it every year to the finals with these two teams, or at least two private schools. Last year they took second place and we were proud of them. This year we held St Joseph scoreless until the last four minutes of the game. The other team was able to score and then three more followed rather quickly. It was heartbreaking, but we are so Proud of our Lady Eagles, and feel they played as a team and did their best.  Hugging them when it was over and seeing their tears was pretty tough, I'm not gonna lie....

Jaisha was chosen for the All State Second Team her Sophomore Year!!!! Yep, we're  proud!


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