Sunday, November 15, 2009

7th Grade Football..Go Kambren!!!!

Another year of football!! Kambren was the Center again this year, but they didn't have a number 54 jersey like last year. They had a large team, but not a very successful one..

The game against Beaver was their one and only win! It was so exciting!! 14-6 and our boys were very happy. 

Kambren is in the middle with a great offensive play, protecting his quarterback.
We just love watching Kambren play football. He just looks good out on that field. We hope his year next year will include more wins, but at least they had a good time. He did get to play defense a couple of times and he does like to tackle, but he was their only center, and he did his job really well!
This is the only sport that Kambren likes to do, so now he will spend the rest of the year traveling around with us pretending to really love girls basketball!!! haha...gotta support the Sister.

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