Thursday, July 23, 2009

First Baptism!!!

This is Kayla's new companion Sorella Smith, but she has been with her for a while, I just haven't posted a picture of her yet. They are working together really well and have had their first baptism! Meet Carmen. I will post some of Kayla's thoughts of this day, they are pretty entertaining and they really say it all:

Carmen (she's from Sicily) was incredible. She took the baptism gown home and sewed on beads because the white dress was too plain and not "her" enough. So she fixed it the way she wanted it! She was just beaming and a lot of ward members came, except the Bishop. I was so stressed! I mean he was supposed to give the talk, he had the keys to open up the font, the font water was green because they didnt run the pipes long enough before filling it (long time since this ward has had a baptism) and while it started at 6, it didnt really start until nearly 6:30 because people were late. I was dying/still really happy. We managed to find one key that opened one side of the font, the water got drained a little so it didnt seem too bad and Fratello Fiorenza came to fill in for Bishop and gave a talk. Carmen didnt even notice she was so happy and the Relief Society President was AMAZING! She calmed us down, helped us out and her Presidency was just as amazing. They were so sweet with Carmen and really, everything worked out fine. Slla Smith and I ended up speaking as well because those who were asked to speak said they couldnt (most everyone is out of town on vacation. Its normal to take 2 months or more for vacation). But in the end everything really was ok. Our Ward Mission Leader was so sweet and he made the most beautiful programs! He even made Slla Smith and I our own colored copy and a thick nice one for Carmen. He is so humble and so hard working. I just love our ward!

So the week was crazy!! But when Carmen recieved the gift of the Holy Ghost it was incredible! She has the light with her She is so much happier and I thought to myself, wow, she is a perfect person right now! I just love her and am so happy to know her? She is so funny with me too! She keeps telling me, Sono la tua madre qui, la tua mamma Italiana! Which is Im your mom here, your italian mom! She fixed my shirt one time and asks how we eat, etc. Shes so sweet! She said something really sweet the night after she was baptised. She called our phone and she sounded a little sad and I thought, oh no! What is it? But she said, I just needed to tell you that I needed you and slla Glass, but I say you both but I really needed you. As in me! She said, I dont know what else to say but God bless you. I cried! She is so amazing and I dont think she needed me at all, but to hear that was pretty incredible. She gives me hope that there are other people out there and every no brings me closer to finding another Carmen. My mission was worth it after that phone call. You know, I left for my mission thinking I was going to "pay back" Heavenly Father for some of my mistakes, but it turns out He keeps giving me more than I ever could repay. I am indebted to Him forever.

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Annette said...

Wow. She has passed us up in spirituality times ten! What a nice baptism story.