Thursday, January 29, 2009

A day away from the snow!

Who could resist listening to the message these beautiful missionaries have to share? Genova, the port city.
Genova...doesn't really need any words does it...
Makes you remember they're still just kids!
How "Italian" is this?

Finally pictures!! She sent so many I had a hard time knowing which ones to post, so I picked the ones that were most "Italian". Kayla's email was so fun this week. She is doing great! Here is some of her letter...

Here is the story of Genova. So we took a train really early in the morning (7) so it meant we gad to get up at 5. Not very fun. But worth it. So, we get our train, we talk to one man just before we got to Genova and then we met up with Sorella Harris, Moreno, Doxey, Smith and our "tour guide" Roby. We went to the royal palace there, then to their Duomo which is striped black and white and nearly every stone is stolen from somewhere. In world war II a bomb was dropped on the roof and it busted it and fell to the floor, but it didn't explode! So, we saw the bomb and then ate at the best foccacia ever made! Its famous in Genova, foccacia and ravioli. We were walking to get food and this man walks onto the street carrying a painting, huge and still wet, on his back up the street! Only in Italy. After playing in the sun (its so warm there) we came back to frigid Torino and ran to do email.
I was reading your letter (I print them off) as we were walking to the tram to get home and I sat next to this woman who looked normal and I thought, why not ask her about her mom. So I did and we ended up talking about how she had just gotten back from visiting her mom in the hospital (she has cancer) and was near tears. Then I asked her about her family here and she has a daughter with 2 kids and she talked about how her son was killed at age nineteen and showed me his funeral notice. It was about 1993 when it happened. She almost cried and I bore my testimony of eternal families and how she can be with her family forever and she was so sweet! I gave her a pamphlet and she asked me if this was my number on the back (our number is always on the back) and if she could call it and I of course said yes and then I asked if I could have her number and she game me two! I had to get off, but she was so sweet mom! She called us when we got home with another umber because she wanted to make sure I had one that worked! So, we are going to try and meet her next week, but I've talked to her twice since then. She is doing good and really wants us to come over! I am so thankful for you, I was thinking about you and your letter and because of that I was able to meet Luccia!
In Torino there are not very many Italians. In fact, its really rare to teach one. Most everyone in this area is from Morrocco, Africa, Romania or China. Its quite the mix. The work here in Torino is crazy! We had 8 investigators at church!!! Amazing, eh? I can't even believe it! I'm so grateful. Our days are packed full and I love it.

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Sora Turner said...

Hi, it's Sora Turner (Sandra). I love seeing the pictures from Kayla's mission. I have a whole different view of them that I would have had. It's so fun to see how foreign the pictures look. I look around Romania everyday still and think, "Wow I'm in a foreign country!" It is really amazing. What I've learned in this one month is that the Lord is really at the helm. Missionaries convert the world, I won't use a period, I'll use this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but mostly this???????????????????????????????????????????? and this HUH????? HUH??? You know the church is true when you are among the missionaries everyday. How do these kids come to a foreign country and step up like they do. Our office missionaries astound me. They speak the language almost fluently in under a year, I'm still trying to say simple words, let a lone sentences, and they are so smart about the country. YET, some times they are so sossosososososoo stupid and young!! ALSO to see the branches struggle with such new leadership, weird ideas, and funny things happening that just isn't the way the church runs, yet, it still grows, we still get baptisms. It's miracles before our face. There is NO way this church would continue on if it wasn't for the fact that the Lord is at the helm. Does that sound pessimistic? Anyway, thanks for following my blog, I don't have too many fans. It's great to know I have a couple. LOVE YOU, Sandra